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Actor (Film, Television, Voice) | Model | Designer | Photographer



Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Jossan has always performed or entertained in some capacity since he was a child. As young as 9 years of
age, he would travel with a group of "Storytellers" to D.C. city schools and recite stories from memory to area youth. He would go on to excel in sports, Air Force JROTC, and perform in fraternity step competitions. Thus, in some form or fashion he has always found himself in front of an audience.


He would find his thirst for the creative arts early, taking to photography, training his eye & applying it to becoming an award-winning designer. As a child he found his most joy at movie theaters with his aunt, who gifted him with his passion for film. It was through these "movie dates" that he would allow his imagination to soar, sitting imagining himself on the other side of the screen. He would go on to be on television, film, theater, radio commercials, be featured in an Award-Winning Interactive Exhibit,
"The Green Book", within the Smithsonian's National African-American Museum of History & Culture.


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